Dementia Caregiving in the U.S. / National Alliance for Caregiving, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association. February 2017

This report analyzes the experiences of providing unpaid care in the United States to a relative or friend diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other mental confusion, with the goals of both understanding the experiences of people caring for someone with dementia and identifying approaches to enhance and support this unique caregiving experience

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Dementia patients may die sooner if family caregivers are mentally stressed

By Yasmin Anwar, Media Relations | June 26, 2017 | Berkley News

Patients with dementia may actually die sooner if their family caregivers are mentally stressed, according to a new UC Berkeley study

Study finds the mental health of caregivers can hasten the death of dementia patients.
From 2007 until 2016, UC Berkeley researchers tracked the mortality of 176 patients with neurodegenerative diseases that are corrosive to brain function. They also measured the mental health of the family members who took care of them

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