Caregiving is a universal phenomenon that will have an impact on every person at some point in our lives
Millions of family members and friends around the globe already play the role of informal, unpaid family caregivers of their loved ones that are in need because of age, disability, or illness. Furthermore, it is estimated that the need for family caregiving will escalate significantly in the coming decades. This is due to several key trends, including an aging demographic, increased longevity, the growing burden of chronic illnesses, changing family trends, and the complexity of the healthcare system.

Most caregivers will say that caring for someone is very rewarding. However, caring is also very challenging and not always easy. Caregivers are responsible for providing a wide range of assistance to their loved ones, often involving complex nursing care, cognitive and emotional support, and care management, both in-home and out of the home.  Most of them provide an average of 21 hours of care per week and serve as caregivers for about 4.6 years. Most are being employed while providing care and must make work-related adjustments to be a caregiver. These circumstances create physical and emotional stress for caregivers, thereby adversely impacting their overall health, well-being, and quality of life.

The urgent and emerging obligation to recognize and address the caregivers’ needs has led to the development of designated services and the establishment of national “caring for the caregivers” strategies around the world.  As a result, caregivers have acquired a range of rights and are offered a variety of support services that enable them to remain with their loved ones for as long as needed while helping to ensure their own wellness.

In Israel, however, the awareness and practical application to the caregivers’ burning issue is not established hence caregivers’ needs are under-recognized nor addressed. Caregivers Israeis a nonprofit organization that is committed to raising public awareness to the caregiving issue; to recognizing and supporting Israel’s family caregivers, as being fundamental to strong families that create stable communities.

Our vision: Family caregivers in Israel are valued, capable, and resourceful through education, effective advocacy, quality programs, and community awareness activities.

Caregivers Israel main missions are to:

 Increase public awareness of the caregiving phenomenon and its personal, social, and national impacts

 Build an engaged and powerful caregivers’ community in Israel

 Promote policies to support Israeli caregivers

 Develop programs and services to help caregivers play their roles effectively and efficiently.

Caregivers Israel is a full member of IACO

The international alliance of carer organizations 

We embrace the 6 guiding principles IACO has established to improve carers’ lives across the globe.

IACO Principles for Carers are used as a touchstone for strategic decision-making to ensure IACO’s work for carers are authentic and meaningful.