Caregiving Perks Enter the 21st Century | Andie Burjek | March 2019

As the traditional family becomes less common, so does the traditional caregiver

Employers should consider a more inclusive definition of “caregiver,” argues employee caregiving platform Torchlight, which released its annual report titled “Modern Caregiving Challenges Facing U.S. Employees” in January. While caregiving has traditionally been defined as “care for an aging loved one or child with a diagnosis or disability,” the report says, the “modern caregiver” may or may not fit in that limited box — but they may have similar problems regardless.

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Caring & Family Finances Inquiry: UK report

By 19th ספטמבר, 2017 בני משפחה מטפלים- היבטים כלכליים התגובות מושבתות

The Caring & Family Finances Inquiry was established in January 2013 to examine the impact of an unprecedented combination of rising living costs and far-reaching changes to social security

The Inquiry’s remit was to:
Provide a definitive study into the financial impact of caring – with carers’ voices at its heart.
Assess the impact of the Government’s benefit changes on carers and their families.
Develop future policy on reforming the financial support available to families caring for older and disabled friends and relatives.
Supported by an Expert Panel made up of older and disabled people’s organisations, academia and social policy experts, the Inquiry has gathered evidence through public polling, survey data, case study modelling and evidence sessions with families across the UK

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Caregiving in the U.S- 2015 Report

The purpose of this study is to present a portrait of unpaid family caregivers today. To that end, the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) and the AARP Public Policy Institute are proud to present Caregiving in the U.S. 2015, based on data collected in late 2014

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הזנחה עצמית, דיכאון, מריבות בין אחים: דור הסנדוויץ’ משלם את מחיר העלייה בתוחלת החיים | רוני לינדר-גנץ | דה מרקר

דור הולך וגדל של ישראלים נאלץ לשאת בנטל הכרוך בטיפול בהורים קשישים סיעודיים, בדרך כלל תוך כדי עבודה פעילה וניהול חיי משפחה ■ הגידול בתוחלת החיים, לצד אוזלת יד ממשלתית, מכניסה עוד ועוד משפחות למערבולת רגשית וכלכלית

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